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KIT HOLMES: Guestbook

Valkyrie Lang

November 2, 2015

Hi Kit! You came to Unity in the Heart of Austin a while back and I had kept your card I had enjoyed your music so much! I was reminded of you the other day when you posted on our facebook page! I wanted to reach out and invite you to coffee. i worked with female entrepreneurs/self-employed, with focus on the LGBT community and I thought I may be able to be a resource to you. please call me so we can find a time to connect!
warm wishes, val
5121 585 0191

Russell Williams

October 9, 2015

Pray everything is going well for you.
I wanted to let you know I took a break and found your music ! I LOVE, Love L O V E YOUR music !!!
You are fantastic !
I am so very happy our journeys have crossed paths.

Ric Castleman

September 28, 2015

It was good talking with you in Pentwater! I'm pretty sure I met you several years back. Your name rings a bell for sure! I'll give you a jingle if we make it to Austin around Christmas. Be blessed, Ric


April 27, 2014

Dear Kit:
Every morning when my alarm clock wakes me up it plays your "It's A New Day" CD. What a wonderful start to my day. I just want to say "thank you". One of my dreams (that I have committed to follow this year) is to visit Austin. Now that I found your calendar, I will plan my trip around one of your events. I met you at the Asilomar Conference several years ago. I may have given you my 1 Global Heart pin. I'll bring you another one. Thanks, Dena

jan gauvain

September 20, 2012

To a Sister of My Heart, Kit,
As I listened this morning in meditation to Bearden Creek, I became aware of my late husband playing his silver flute...a joy returned through you. I have so much gratitude for the gift of you in my life. jan

Susan Petros

March 1, 2012

I think your music is wonderful. I look forward to the day when I can get out some and show up at one of your gigs. Right now, simply not possible with my mom's illness. :)


November 25, 2011

Loved seeing you tonight! I can't believe it's been 25 years... You are awesome and Cindy is too. Anytime you are in MI please call, I've missed you and your outlook on life!


August 5, 2011

Hi Kit - I bought Return to Love from you when you were at Unity SA and I need another copy. Hope to get one at Wimberly on Sunday! Looking forward to more awesome music and my first visit to Wimberly. Thanks for sharing your gift!

Jo Hughes

April 29, 2011

Kit, received the CD just in time to take on a vacation road trip and we listened to it over and over. I really appreicated your kind note and am so glad I was listening to Dales show!

Glenda Moore

February 22, 2011

So when is that CD release Party?! and when do the backyard concerts start? We've been in suspension too long over the winter. I know youv'e been cookin up some new stuff and the world and I want to hear it. My soul loves dancing to your music. You are so Blessed.

Maverick Goodson

February 9, 2011

Hey Kit!!! It's me, Maverick form Austin andLocal 205....I am living in NC now, no longer part of the TX union, and am a grandmother to a little girl ,Riley! Hope you are well and get this ...please get in touch when you can! Much Love...Mav

Diane Yvette Horne

December 28, 2010

I have thoroughly enjoyed your music...& was happy to finally meet you. Say hello to Cynthia. Hope to get back to Austin...SOON! Warm wishes of success from Iowa.

Marjorie Barlow

November 29, 2010

We enjoyed your music so much yesterday at Unity of Wimberley. I especially liked the impromptu performance of the song about choosing our words. Thank you for your life!

Patricia Cajar

August 8, 2010

I heard you for the first time here in Pacific Grove at the Pacific Coast Church. The second you started singing I sat straight up in my seat and smiled. I love when you can feel the energy and passion behind a singers voice. You are a brilliant singer and songwriter. I've enjoyed the C.D. I bought very much! Thank you for signing it and also for chatting with me! Wish I had known about you when I lived in San Antonio. I would have gone and listened to you play, often! I hope you will find your way back to California soon!!!
Namaste, Patricia

Juliet Bland

June 19, 2010

My mother shared your music with me this morning and I both laughed and cried. I am sharing "Hold You in the Light" with my brother as one of his Father's Day presents. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us. My mom Virginia and her friend Karen just heard you at the Unity Church in S

Debbie Conners

March 7, 2010

Hey Kit!
Great new website look-- I love it! You've got all the bells and whistles needed for a great site and marketing tool. Pat and I could listen to you sing and play all day long! Congratulations and all good thoughts for your future success!

Jo & Sara Stafford/Kauk

January 17, 2010

lovely performance today!! Thank you for the songs, music and lyrics of some very good music!! Come back to Seattle soon..............

Jodi w/ Catch A Dream Band

November 17, 2009

Congrads Kit!
Nice web site too. I miss listening to your exceptional songs-been too long! Hope to see you soon.
With love+light.. Jodi

Anne Miller-Andersen

August 14, 2009

This woman rocks.Love hearing her play and sing. You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy Wentworth

August 14, 2009

WHOOHOO! Great site! Change the world through laughter and love - you are livin' it!!

Charles Jones

August 6, 2009

Keep on doing your ( THANG)
God will always open that last door.


July 29, 2009


Cathy Peters

July 2, 2009

Thanks for what you do.


March 13, 2009

Great music that all should hear. Keep it up.

Nancy O.

February 11, 2009

I am so glad I found you on LinkedIn! I had always wondered all of these years how your career had turned out since our high school days. I am so very pleased and not surprised with your success and your personal growth. My kids both LOVE your music, as do I. They are 10 and 12 so that says a lot! Your music touches all ages and all hearts. We will keep in touch. Nancy

Parade of Lights Holiday Party Hosts

December 29, 2008

We wanted to let you know what a fabulous addition you were to our holiday party!
Your voice & presence brought such joy to all of us!
Thanks for staying & hanging out - hope the cabin was okay.
Looking forward to coming to hear you - take care & have a beautiful New Year!
Kathryn Lunsford & Necy Hughley


December 15, 2008 your music, I had no idea you pursued a music career, how pathetic am I!! Your voice is wonderful! I'm so glad I found you on Facebook....I'll be in touch, much love, Anita

margaret goforth

December 3, 2008

YAY Kit!!! I haven't seen you in so long! Lately I've been too happy to write much :o) I wish I could make it down to Austin more often... Temple seems like a gajillion miles away from there at the end of a work day... must find easier job. :o) Or move back to Austin. :o)


October 18, 2008

Happy Day!!!! Been looking for you for years! GREAT to find you! Absolutely love the website and the tunes!


October 4, 2008

I am never suprised by you and always impressed. Thank you for insiring me to live outloud. With the deepest respect and the continued sillydom, your friend and mine, Aimee

michelle smith-vanstedum

August 4, 2008

Dear Kit,
This is someone from your past.
I just wanted to say hi and tell you how sorry I am that I missed your concert in Douglas.You may not remember me but I was your maid in Gypsy and graduated with you in 1980 from FHC.Congratulations on living your dream!I didn't see the flyer about your concert at Unity church until this morning or else I would have definately have come.If you ever come back to Saugatuck-Douglas please let me know.I have lived here for 20 years and own and operate the local flower shop in Douglas.I would love to see you.Take care.Michelle

Gina R Johnson

July 13, 2008

It was nice meeting you at the Stinson Studios/TRCOA open house. You take care and I wish you continued success in all you do!

Peace & Respect

Pam Lill

June 20, 2008

I won't get to see you this weekend at the Unitarian church in SA because I'll be in Las Vegas. But I'd like you to contact me.
210 392-3620

Beth Miner

April 4, 2008

Hi Kit! I just cleaned out my purse (it's been awhile) and I found your business card. I enjoyed cruising around your site, keep making beautiful music!!


February 20, 2008

I LOVE "IT'S A NEW DAY"...I've adopted it as a personal anthem...I sing it in the morning, in my head once I'm awake!

Congratulations on your success!



December 9, 2007

HI Kit! I love your Music! You are very talented! I wish you nothing but Success!


December 3, 2007

Love your cd! I put it in as soon as I got in the car! Its a lovely companion for my journey. It was lovely seeing you at the Radius Cafe.


July 15, 2007

Hey there Lady! No surprise you are doing great! Love the site, the music, and that beautiful self that always shines through!


July 8, 2007

You GO GIRL!!!
Everything looks, sounds and feels fantastic!!!
Love you here in Seattle Washington


July 8, 2007

hey kit, congrats to you. i'm sooo happy for you. you so deserve this. you go girl!!!!!

always, lori from grand rapids

Jackie Hinton

July 3, 2007

Wonderful site - wonderful music. Congratulations on your Austin win. All your upcoming events look great. Wish we were there to see some - especially at Artz Ribs - Yummm - great ribs along with your music - Heaven! Much love! Jackie

Jannie "Funster"

June 30, 2007

Love Your new site look, Kit. Congrats on all your honorable mentions in ASG the contest!

See you soon, Jannie

Kathy P

March 8, 2007

Beautiful website, Kit - just like you and your music!
Uplifting, inspiring new song!

Susie P

February 11, 2007

Kit - so proud of all your accomplishments. The website looks really great. I get to say, "I knew you when!" xxoo from Seattle

Charles E. Jones

January 18, 2007

Exciting to listen to. I purchased the CD ( All I Know). Her music is mesmorizing. Even better when she does a live show and play music with her.

Glen Hauger

November 20, 2006

Nice website. I hope to see you some time in the future. I will be graduating soon, and might be teaching in Texas. Take care.

Chamaigne Montana

November 2, 2006

Hi Kit! Great site! Thanks for the song samples and nice photos. Groovy!

Mardi Wareham

October 28, 2006

Beautiful site, Kit! I love the earthy colors and the wonderful photos of you. Great smile!

Jan Seides

October 27, 2006

Great site, Kit!

Pam Moreno

October 27, 2006

Dear Kit,
The new web site is lovely. So glad to hear you are off to some new scenery for a few days. Have a great time. Look forward to seeing you around Austin real soon.
Love, Pam & Lawrence Moreno

Tonia Jones

October 13, 2006

Kit, I love hearing your music! Each song in its own way, touches my heart. Thank you!