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House Concert Fundraiser/BBQ - You're Invited! - September 23, 2010

Hi Gang!

Word has it there's quite a party happening has something to do with getting the new CD finished.

This party includes food, music and a whole bunch of really fine folks. We're calling it the

 "Let's Get 'er Funded and DONE" party and you're invited!

 Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether you can give $1 or $1000! We're saying "thank you!" to all the friends, fans and loved ones who love and support Kit's music. We want to get the CD finished and we need every little bit of love (and dollars...) you can give.

 We're gonna be firing up the Webers, icing the beverages and crankin' the PA.  All donations of side dishes, beverages, desserts, etc. are welcome! It's not necessary for you bring anything (except maybe a lawn chair), we're just sayin'...let us know if you'd like to contribute.

 There's only ONE important thing we request: 

Please, please, PLEASE RSVP!!!

We need to know how many of you will be here so we can plan the food accordingly. RSVPs can be made to

Tell us how many of you are coming and if you plan on bringing any foods/beverage donations to the party.

This is a fundraiser to finish the new CD!

Kit is chompin' at the bit to get this CD DONE! Please consider doing what you can so she'll get that sad puppy-dog look off her face!

Again, whatever you can give is welcome.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 pm - 8 pm

Music starts at 3:30 pm (30 minute sets every hour on the half-hour): Kit Holmes & Friends showcasing songs from the new CD (as well as all your favorites...)

Food service begins at 4 pm

It all takes place at the Holmes House Concert Venue:

1900 Scofield Lane, Austin Texas 78727

Come for an hour or for the whole day!

RSVP here:

We love you and we look forward to seeing you!

Just Added! Tonight! HAAM Benefit Performance - September 21, 2010

Howdy all you music lovin' fools....

Nope. Actually you're pretty smart if you're out and about suppoting the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) today.

I've just been added to the extensive, city-wide lineup of awesome Austin musicians donating their performances today for this annual fundraiser. HAAM provides low and/or no-cost medical and dental services to Austin musicians and their families. It's an amazing, one-of-a-kind organization that totally ROCKS in their love of Austin's greatest natural resource...

 Last minute, sure, but I know y'all will do your best to be there:

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
Give A Little Bit... - 7 pm
HAAM Benefit Day Performance - Austin, TX
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Co.

221 S. Lamar
Austin, TX 78704

Price: $ Love

I'm giving back to the cause - playing a set of original jazz/pop tunes to sip tea and slurp smoothies by. Come on by and show some love! Donate, support...enjoy!

No Place Like Holmes - September 2010 Edition - September 3, 2010

The Labor Day weekend holiday is upon us again. It’s that time when the calendar of my youth said the weather is supposed to suddenly turn autumn-like. Well, that calendar (like my younger youth) is long gone now that Texas is home. (I should add that even though the chronology says I’m getting older, I feel – most days – like I get younger with age…)

We did have a nice break in the heat today with some much welcome, much-needed rain and tonight is perfect for sitting outside and enjoying the breeze, good company and perhaps some good food and/or beverages.

This month brings another full slate of shows and gatherings and you’re invited to come share the great outdoors (and in), good company (hey, I only hang around with good folks…) and usually some good food and/or beverages to go along with ‘em.

Check out the calendar – ease into this long weekend (and maybe include a few of these dates to your plans?) and rest knowing life is good and getting better all the time!

A Message from the Manager:

If you all need reminding, here it is: Kit is a performing, working songwriter, inspirational (and pretty darn funny) speaker, workshop presenter and if that weren’t enough, she’s an amazing audio engineer and producer. That all being said, she loves to do house concerts, or concerts of any kind for that matter.

With the holidays approaching, please consider booking Kit for a concert. For you, your loved ones, your co-workers, your social or spiritual group or club…whatever the occasion or reason.  

Did I mention she’s an amazing producer (for studio projects as well as live events)? Did I mention she’ll go just about anywhere to bring the music to you? Please help this multi-talented woman make a living (so I can quit my day job).

You can contact me: Cindy Millonzi at or (360) 870-2592 for all the booking info. I’m currently booking tours (regionally, nationally and internationally) for 2011 and beyond.

We want to get the new CD project FINISHED by November, 2010. We have set the intention, now we just need to open up the floodgates and let the finances flow in. If you feel so moved to contribute (or you’re just damn tired of waiting for the new CD) please go here to see all the options you have to support the project. To those of you who already have contributed generously, THANK YOU! It’s coming soon, we PROMISE.

No Place Like Holmes - August 2010 - August 10, 2010

California Dreamin'...

Well, well, well...all is well. The 9 day-long trek to California's Monterey Peninsula was in a nutshell, AWESome! I worked it, y'all., quite literally, it was a (mostly) working (semi) vacation. And yes, I rocked the house(s). I did get some wonderful, fun, relaxing time, too. The weather (though a bit on the cloudy side) allowed for some jeans & jacket wearing - which I love 'cause its simply unheard of in Texas in August.

So many new friends and fans. So much amazing talent and original music from the bands I got to share stages with. Notable: check out this group (if you haven't already...) These guys are incredible...

 Anyhoo...Here's a few things (show dates not posted in this entry) coming up kinda quick - and we hope to see you there/here. I feel like I haven't see you all in forever, so come on out to a show or shoot me an email or some-fin'. I'll love ya forever for it. Promise. 

If You've Read Everything to this point...


For those of you on a conscious spiritual path, I want to let you know I recently became a Licensed Spiritual Counselor through Centers for Spiritual Living. The official title is Religious Science Practionter (RScP). What this means is that I can now take clients. If you'd like more information about this please shoot me an email.

Love and light to all of you. Thanks for hangin' in there with me. Life is good, ain't it?

No Place Like Holmes - July 2010 - July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day, all…

The holiday weekend here at Kit Holmes Music has (partially) consisted of dog-sitting for two different friends who are enjoying the holiday out-of-town. Making the rounds to take care of the basics (eat, pee, & play) between our own pets and those at the two other households takes about three hours each go – twice a day. One could look at it and say, “Dang, that’s a whole lotta dog-s**t” to attend to,” or “Wow, what a whole lotta puppy love you get to have!” 

It’s all a matter of perspective. Two sides to every story. One person’s freedom is another’s prison, both literally and figuratively. One person’s independence may require a whole lotta dog-s**t on the part of someone else.

Today I thank all those in my life who gladly take on tasks I find I have no inclination, talent or capacity to do well. And I’m grateful there are things I can do well that serve, heal, or bring joy to others. We all have a purpose and a place in this life otherwise we wouldn’t be here. We have an affect on every person and thing we encounter every day, whether we know it or not. Sometimes just your very presence can alter someone’s life forever. And, yes, it’s just a matter of perspective...  you’re free to choose which one you’ll take.

Enjoy the fireworks!

Huge-O-mondo Thanks... the amazing audience who made the first "Holmes House Presents" House concert a rousing success! It was a perfect, full-moon, Texas summer evening for Jean Synodinos, Mo McMorrow and your's truly to swap songs and wits. the fantastic volunteers Marcy and Kim who helped with all the "day-of-show" details (including making sure us musicians were fed!) and Jeffrey for the gazillion (okay, it wasn't that many...) tissue paper flowers.  

...thanks, too, to partner Cindy and the amazing job she did on her maiden voyage of running sound for the show.

The next Holmes House Presents concert is JULY 16!

(calendar dates not posted in this entry)

Whew....'ve made it this far through the newsletter and I thank you!!! Stick with me, kids, there's tons more music to come.

I thank you, every day, you loyal fans who, one by one grow each day to understand more of what it takes these days to "make it" as an independent musical artist. I don't ever take any of that support for granted. If you send me an email with a "Way to go, Kit!" or other cool sentiment (I love to get them, by the by...) and I don't respond right away, I thank you for not taking it personally. I actually do save them and most times print them out to hang up in my office for inspiration on the days when those "other" folks DON'T get that this is what I do for a living and that this is my life.

So, (how many times can I say thank you?)... please keep  me in mind if you'd ever like to host a house concert (we'll help you plan it) with great live music (moi & friends), or you'd like to become a patron of an original, creative, inspiring musical artist (again, moi...).

No Place Like Holmes - June 2010 - June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Awesome thunderstorms here in Austin last night. Great lightning shows. The anxiety of another long, hot, drought-dry summer is quenched, at least temporarily, with more rain today. I’m grateful.

The cloud formations outside my window today are pretty neat, too. Makes me just want to sit and watch and not get any work done. But, ahhhh, there is much to do. And much to tell you about.

First off, an update on the new CD, "Shadows & Light"

The long and the short of it is the project has been on hold until we can raise about $8000 more to finish it. I really don’t like that it’s taking longer than I thought it would to get this thing done, but then, I’ve come to realize (and yes, trust…) that everything happens in the perfect right way, at the perfect right time…yeah, patience…hmmmmnnn…

I’m open to creative ideas on how to generate the cash to move forward. Please feel to send in your suggestions. In the meantime, I want to extend huge thanks and even huge-r hugs to those of you who’ve already contributed to the project or pre-purchased the CD. You got the ball rolling and your patience will be rewarded. I PROMISE.

Those $15 Pre-sales can add up fast! Go HERE to Pre-purchase a copy (or several!) of “Shadows & Light” or contribute any amount of dollars and/or pocket change for the betterment of the planet, via the Kit Holmes Music Experience. Really. I’m not shy about sayin’ that…though, I promise that won’t be the title of the next CD.

So, I’m out here workin’ it, baby. And I’d love to see you. And hug yer neck, and stuff. So, c’mon.

No Place Like Holmes - May 2010 - May 12, 2010

Oh, the short and the sweet of it. Busy-ness these days requires brevity - as does my relatively new-found awareness that I’ve really gotten impatient with people who won’t get to the point. I include myself in this.

My songwriting practice of late has been to write the thing, then with every re-write go back and eliminate at least 25% more of the lyric, without losing the point of the whole thing. Hmmmmnnn. If I keep up with this approach I figure I’ll eventually get back to just composing instrumentals and let you, dear listeners, come up with your own story as to what the song is about…oops, then I’ll have to remove “songwriter” from my resume. Drat.

I just recently edited the “bio” section of the website because it came to my attention that there was just WAAAAYYY too much verbage there. Get to the point, Kit.

So here’s the point of this newsletter: To let you know I love and appreciate you, friends and fans, and to ask you to come on out and say “Hi, Kit, we love you, too!” at one of my upcoming shows. Also, if you feel so inclined, please share my music with your friends. The more people hear me, the better my chances to sell out more shows, sell more music and dominate the world via love and laughter. YOU can be a part of this plan. ‘nuff said.

No Place Like Holmes - March 2010 - March 18, 2010

Howdy, all...

Okay, so I bailed on a newsletter in February. My excuse is that my manager/booking agent and personal handler Cindy (I love saying that) gave me the month off…hahahahhaha…hardly…naw, the good news is: things were cookin’ along so well with gigs and gigs to come and opportunities opening that I never got around to sharing the news. The bad news is: I didn’t keep you in the loop. Sorry…how can I make it up to ya?

First thing I need to do is express huge amounts of gratitude to all the folks in Washington State, Colorado and all points in between who made the whole of January and February magical, memorable, fun, and yes, even somewhat profitable (how often do you hear that in the music business these days?)! Mucho love and shout-outs to Eddie Watkins, Jr. Eric O’dell and Stephan Plummer in Seattle; Cheryl &Vic Rohert and Angie in Yakima, WA; Mailyn Faulkner (Sassy Sister!!!) in Denver/Arvada, CO and Barbara Bue, Laura & daughter Julia in Greeley, CO…all of you (and all of you who came to the concerts/gatherings, etc.) totally ROCK!!!

Welcome to the family…

The biggest news (at least since Saturday the 13th) since we last gathered in cyberspace is the addition of another member to the Kit Holmes Music Family. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Chief Puppy Love Officer (CPLO), Taddy P. Holmes.


She’s a boxer/lab mix, approximately 3 months old and 10 pounds of stick-to-your-soul love. She refuses to give up my forearm as a headrest for napping, which makes writing this newsletter (or getting anything else done for that matter) near-to-impossible. But I’m not complaining…I mean…wow... Or, as the case may be: bow wow, wow!

So, here’s the thing (and you’ve probably already figured this out a few times): Love has a way of turning your world upside down – and in a good way.

After the passing of my sweet Mackenzie dog in July of 2008 I kept saying I didn’t ever want to get another dog, at least not for a long, long time. One must protect one’s heart, no? And over the last year and a half I found all kinds of reasons and excuses not to get another one – you know...especially if I was going to be touring, especially if I was going to remain “free” at any moment to be called to do a stadium show in London - especially if it meant I was going to have to let go of the past and heal a broken heart. 

Funny thing is (and you probably already know this, too) I sing and write a whole lot about love, loving unconditionally, healing life’s bumps through love and the like, but what I’d been doing (unconsciously) was building thicker walls around my loving heart, thinking this would somehow heal me.

So what am I? Crazy? I love dogs! Many of you know this about me. Their unbridled, unfettered joy about the littlest things (like a ride in the car) and the way they love us no matter what kind of mood we’re in is exquisitely beautiful and enormously instructional for a wonderful way to live life.

“More wagging, less barking” is one of my favorite bumper stickers. I’ve reveled in playing with friends’ dogs and being the adopted co-parent of my partner Cindy’s dog Angel-Pie.


(This is Angel-Pie...Chief Leader of the Pack Officer, Kit Holmes Music)

But, a few hours after I had the little Taddy bugger home I found myself – surprisingly – in a state of panic. It wasn’t about the process of house-training or all the sleep one loses in the first few days/weeks of puppy-dom. No, it was the stark realization that even though I had consciously chosen to take on the responsibility of giving a good home to a little four-legged my unconscious (though vastly more wise and vocal) heart was cracking open to be healed. And it was terrifying!

This little Buddha-bellied pup clearly chose me to be her “Mom”, but it’s me who’s clearly feeling more like an awestruck, wonder-filled child.

...and I'm so grateful.... 

 What? We're supposed to be talking about music?

Oh, Yeah...

My gig calendar is full and getting even more so and I'm truly grateful, especially to partner/manager extraordinaire Cindy. Please consider yourselves welcomed with open arms to any (or all) of these shows. You'll be glad you came. I promise.

No Place Like Holmes - January 2010 - January 14, 2010

Happy New Year, all...

Better late than never...and this one's gonna be short and sweet this month, kiddies. As you all know, I sometimes love to get long winded and wax poetic and all but, by golly, there’s just so much going on I’ll just get to the point. (I hear a collective sigh…)

THE NEW CD:  In Mid-December, I got four songs laid down on "Shadows & Light" with the help of some awesome folks. Roger Friend on drums and percussion, Chris Marsh on bass and producer Stephen Doster on guitar. Yours truly knocked out the basic piano parts and lead vocals despite a stuffy nose and sore throat during the two long days in the studio. The universe sometimes has a wicked sense of humor, especially when the meter’s running.

Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who’ve already contributed financially and pre-ordered the new CD. The four tracks we’ve got so far sound amazing! I envision getting the project finished and out before the summer but could really use a lot more help in getting the funds to do it. Even if you can’t spare the $15 bucks (there are MANY more funding options, too – see HERE) right now, please hold the vision for me for a successful, fully-paid-for project. Good thoughts create great outcomes, right?

No Place Like Holmes - December 2009 Edition - December 11, 2009




December – the season of Joy. Wouldn’t it be really cool if we made every month – how ‘bout every day – a season of joy?  If you spend any time watching the news it might seem kind of difficult to find a lot of joy these days. But I’ve found that it’s really easy to find it when I choose to limit my exposure to the squawk-boxes that spew doom and gloom 24/7. I mean, how many times a day do you need to be beaten over the head with how terrible things are in the world before you begin to believe it?

I’m not talking about burying your head in the sand and saying “bad” stuff doesn’t exist. I’m saying consciously choose to see the good – in every one and in every situation. It’s always there. With practice (and it takes practice – and patience) it becomes second nature. The key is to be genuinely willing to do it.

This holiday season, the gift of compassion (especially for yourself) can be a powerfully peace and joy-inducing thing. What extraordinary gifts each and every one of you are in my life. Thank you. You totally rock. (I like saying that…)

The NEW CD...


…is finally coming to life! This Sunday (December 13) will be the first day of recording with producer/musician/songwriter Stephen Doster. The working title of the new record is “Shadows and Light.” That title has been kinda tapping gently on the back of my brain asking me to pay attention to it…we’ll see where that goes…


Contribute, Support, Pre-Order...


The “flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants” team here at Kit Holmes Music is still finding all kinds of creative ways to entice/cajole/strong-arm you - the loving and way-cool fans of the music – into participating (ahem, financially…) in the new CD project. We’re giving a big, hearty shout-out to those of you who’ve already contributed generously! You’ve made it possible for us to get a couple of days in the studio. We’ve still got a way to go, but I trust it’s all going to come together perfectly.

Now, the rest of yous guys can still get in on the action: Pre-sales of the new CD are a happenin’ deal. For $15 lovely dollars you’ll snag yourself a copy. There are many, many more ways for you to support, too, at all kinds of financial levels – go HERE to check it out. Hey, how ‘bout hosting a house concert/fundraiser? Fun, fun, fun!!!

Gifts, anyone?

 The “Hey-this-new-CD-is-gonna-rock-and-it-will-come-to-your-doorstep-when-you-least-expect-it (long after you’ve forgotten I gave it to you)” I.O.U. note makes a great stocking stuffer.  (Kit’s other CDs make great gifts, too! Go HERE to find out where to get ‘em).

Gigs for DECEMBER: See the calendar!

More FUN stuff...


Hey, check these new logos out! You’ll be seeing a lot more of them – on T-shirts, stickers, posters, CDs and other way-cool swag. Thanks to the good

folks at Arsenal Brand, LLC, Austin Texas for the fabu designs. Check them out at You guys (Anne Marie and Jonathan and crew) rock!...and your little dogs, too!

Kit Holmes pno logo


Kit Holmes Label Logo

One last, little gift for y'all...


The other night I got together with “photographer to the stars” Steve Hopson for a photo shoot. Here’s one of the first posts. Give Steve a shout, eh? And check out his portfolio online. Good stuff. Here’s the link:

Thank you, Steve. Can't wait to see the rest of the pix! Thanks to Sondra for being such an awesome stylist and friend for the project.

Please be good to each other and gentle with yourselves this holiday season. I mean, it really worth gettin' all nutted up about? A month from now it will all be a distant memory.

I love you all, I thank you all and I wish you all the best and brightest this holiday season. Hang onto your hats, kids, 2010 is gonna knock yer socks off!!!

No Place Like Holmes November 2009 - November 12, 2009

November is the month of Gratitude and I have much to give thanks for. I’ve started keeping a gratitude journal – just a few things written down each day to remind myself of how wonderful and precious life is. One thing I’m grateful for today is the “perfect” fall weather here in Central Texas.

Cool, dry air. Deep blue skies. A myriad of red, orange, purple, yellow, brown and green colors…and that’s just on some of the outfits being worn around downtown Austin!  


Remodeling work has been taking place around the ‘ol Kit Holmes Music home. Yeah, it’s pretty disruptive to the routine of everyone in the household (dog and cats included…) but we know it’s temporary.  


The progress so far has already put us in better spirits: more light in the center of the house, more move-around-able space with old dividing walls gone. Hmmmnnn, one might begin to think the place would be shaping up to be perfect for say…house concerts?….Stay Tuned!



Speaking of progress…the latest update on the new CD is this: Looks like the CD will not be ready for public consumption until early 2010 (which is really not that far off…). Arrangements (both musical and personnel-wise) are being mapped out as we speak. I’m still so very excited to be working with producer Stephen Doster. I know the end result will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, you can get in on a great deal by Pre-Ordering the new CD now! For as little as $15 you can invest in an amazing new work of art! Production costs for studio time, musicians (I’m thrilled to say some pretty “A-list” players will appear on this record…), engineers, artwork, etc. can add up fast. With your support we can have the new tunes tickling yer cue little ears in no time!  


There are many, many ways you can support the project, so please click HERE to get the info. Visiting the website: will also get you there. Thank-you in advance. You totally Rock. You do. Really.

My shamelessly self-promoting (and quite gratuitous) rant...  


If all the retailers can jump on the holiday sales bandwagon right after Labor Day, why the heck can’t I? Pre-ordering the CD or showing your support in bigger financial ways (you get some cool stuff in return) may not get you the CD in time for gift giving this December but if you Pre-order or Donate before DEC. 15 we’ll send you a nifty little “I Owe You” card so you can let your gift recipient know how magnanimous and thoughtful you are for supporting original, amazing and wonderful music. (Yes, I mean, mine…). Plus, when that new disc arrives during the winter doldrums, your loved one(s) will thank you again for sending them such a cool thing after the frenzied holiday season is over.


 Okay, some good shows coming up, probably in your neck of the woods.



  Friday, November 13th, 2009
Coffeehouse Concert - 7 pm
Coffeehouse Concert - San Antonio, TX

8103 Broadway Ave
San Antonio, TX

Price: $Love

Back in San Antonio....finally! Kit will be singin' the Kit Holmes songs you love. Expect some impromptu guest appearances from fellow Light Travelers...There's no set ticket price, but bring your best love offering to the goodie basket. Cookies and coffee and madness will ensue...

Sunday, November 15th, 2009
Guest Soloist/Musician - 10 am
Downtown Unity Circle - Austin, TX

404 Atlanta ST
Austin, TX 78703

Price: Love

Oh, what a fun group of folks! Come get your speer-tual self all shined up...Kit'll be rockin' the house, of course!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
Guest musical Artist - 10:30 am
United Life Spiritual Center - Oklahoma City, OK

3332 N Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
(405) 946-6753
Price: Love

Kit performs with the incomparable SuZ Ogden. Good times WILL be had, you can count on it!

Sunday, November 29th, 2009
Guest Musical Artist

It may be Traverse City, MI or it may be Louisville, KY...details soon! Check the calendar section of the website

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Holiday Stroll Event - Sound gig - Austin TX - 7 pm
Holiday Stroll - Sound Gig - Austin TX

Congress Ave
Austin, TX

Kit is pulling out the big rig PA tonight for this fantastic holiday kick-off event in downtown Austin. Great music from The Invincible Czars, Myrna Cabella and more! Stop by and say howdy. Kit'll be the one at the mixing board!

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Solo Gig - everything holiday-ish! - 6 - 7:30 pm
Whole Foods Market - Flagship Store - Austin, TX

525 N. Lamar
Austin, TX 78703

Price: Tips are always welcome!

 Kit closes out the 2009 "Music at the Market" Concert Series with all kinds of songs about the holidays. Originals and covers. Stop by for some gourmet organics of all kinds, a nice glass of vino or a winter warmer brew...nosh, get wistful, sing a carol or two. golly, I am!

I'm looking forward to seeing you all down the road! Please mark your calendars! Please take a little time each day to thank whatever greater power you believe in for bringing you to this life. I’m grateful you’re in mine!

Be well. Stay tuned. Go for something really, really BIG when you’re breaking that wishbone…

From the crew at Kit Holmes Music (Kit, Cindy, Angel, Joe & Moxie):

 Happy Thanksgiving!


FUNdraiser...awesome! - October 12, 2009

The FUNdraiser concert on Sunday, October 11 was totally awesome. A small but apprciative and generous crowd got comfy cozy in the large but truly intimate great room at the Colpaart's. Thank you Melanie and Dirk!!!

Some truly transcendent musical moments with the Light Travelers gang (Dana Clark, Kevin Lewis and Chris Pfeiffer) plus Roger Friend on percussion as my backup band. I can hardly call them "backup" because each of these fine people are amazing "stars" in their own right. Too cool.

I was pretty blissed out - of course that might have had something to do with the host's exemplary job on homebrew and the hostess's over the top munchies. One of those truly magical evenings you don't ever want to end.

MMMMmmmmmmm. Life sure is yummy, isn't it? 

No Place Like Holmes - October 2009 - October 7, 2009

Seasons are changing. Traveling to places old and new, seeing old friends and making new ones reveal some interesting, changing perspectives on beliefs, values and the way one lives life altogether. 

I recently felt moved to send a “letter to the editor” via email to our local daily newspaper. Using a tongue-in-cheek approach to the subject at hand I guess it piqued the editor’s interest enough (or made him think it would provoke strong reactions on both sides of the issue – and it did - enough) to publish it. The content of the story/situation I was commenting on is not really important here but this is: other people’s reactions to my letter brought up some really interesting reactions in me.   


First of all, I made it clear (I thought) to the newspaper that I didn’t want my email address published. Well, they published it anyway. So, my email box started to fill up. The first few responses from other readers were kinda cool, like written “high fives” saying they agreed and wished they’d had the nerve to express their feelings publicly, too.

Today I got the first of the “other” sort of response that left me scratching my head, saying, “Wow, I had no idea I was the anti-Christ.” The reader had clearly missed my point. It’s amazing how angrily (and easily) some people will spew rivers of hate at people they don’t know.  

Can I really say I support and respect everyone’s right to their beliefs if they don’t agree with mine? In theory, it sounds easy - and noble, for sure. But putting it into practice is a whole lot harder.  

A recent road trip (re)opened my eyes to the sad fact that even in late 2009, right here in the good ‘ol US of A there are still places where homophobia, racism and general xenophobia are pervasive – and acceptable, even flaunted. It was really uncomfortable to find myself shaken out of the sense of peace and grounded-ness I’ve come to enjoy (and consciously create) in my life. 


After the initial disturbing wake-up call, I am grateful to have been reminded that the work I do, the music I make and the path I choose to walk is one of joy and love and knowing we’re all part of a greater whole – one I’m fascinated with uncovering the mystery of every day. No one can make me feel bad (or good…) about myself unless I allow them to do so. So, I choose to meet aggression with compassion. I choose to see my perceived enemy as a teacher…I choose to meet fear with its most powerful opposite: love.     






 Feel the LUV... 


This Sunday, October 11 is House Concert Day and I look forward to seeing you all there, joining in the love and laughter and music and munchies…and, and, and!!  


Fellow Light Travelers Dana, Kevin and Chris (and other musical guests) will be along for the ride! 


Here’s the scoop:   


Sunday, October 11th, 2009
FUNdraiser House Concert for Kit's New CD - Doors at 4 p.m. - Show at 5 p.m.
FUNdraising House Concert - Austin TX

 7441 Bonniebrook Dr
Austin, TX 78735

Price: Suggested $15 - More is always welcome! Cash, checks and credit cards (Visa/MC) accepted at the door.

Kit will be performing live, and outdoors at this FUNdraising house concert. A few of her musical friends are expected, too! The concert is open to anyone/everyone who loves Kit's music (and those you'd like to bring along to introduce Kit's music to!). All ages welcome. All proceeds go to financing the production of Kit's new CD.  $15 suggested donation plus additional opportunities for you to support (and get some great goodies in return!) financially.

Organic snacks and munchies from Greenling, beverages and some adult drinks provided (you're welcome to bring your own special drinks). If you have a favorite dessert you'd like to share, please feel free to bring it to the party! 



 Progress Report: The NEW CD

 Speaking of the new CD, we’ll be heading into the studio (yeah!! finally!) the first week of November. Producer Stephen Doster is a busy, busy guy – but that’s a good thing! He's in high demand! We’re still shooting for a “before the end of the year” release, but I’m going to “release” this to knowing it will all happen perfectly at the perfect, right time.  

However, we can still use your help! 

We're taking CD presale orders NOW!!! For a mere $15 buck-a-roos, you can pre-order the new CD. There are many other levels of support you can give and in return get some really cool stuff, along with the new CD!!! Please visit: and go to the “Pre-Order/Buy CDs” page. You’ll see all the details there. Or just go HERE

An Important Message from Agent Cindy:

Hey, yous guys (and girls): My phone ain't ringing and my email box is a little empty. Kit's gonna fire me if I don't get some more bookings for her pretty quick! 

Did you know that Kit's available (and loves) to perform at your special events and gatherings? She loves doing house concerts, private parties, holiday stuff and more. 

Did you know Kit's a pretty wicked good jazz pianist with a huge repertoire of classic pop and standard songs (and of course, her own awesome tunes)? And, she's still got some dates for the 2009 holiday season openGreat rates, great music. Contact me for more details:

Cynthia Millonzi

(360) 870-2592

Well, kids,

 That's all for now. Please visit us at We always love to hear from you.

 From the whole crew at Kit Holmes Music (Kit, Cindy, Angel, Joe and Moxie):

 Thanks for your support. Be well. Be the change. Spare the change. 

No Place Like Holmes - September, 2009 - September 3, 2009

No Place Like Holmes logo

Happy September, you wonderful, you... 

No Place Like Holmes is the publishing arm of the vast, global musical empire known as Kit Holmes Music (hey, I can dream big, right?) and also the new name of the monthly (maybe more often - when the mood strikes) newsletter to you all, the friends and fans of moi and the music I am grateful to be able to create.

So, Welcome! I'd love your feedback on the new format. Shoot me an email, a Skype or Facebook message....(contact info below)

September is a rather transitional month, don’t you think? Even here in Central Texas where there are only two seasons – Summer and January – there is a noticeable shift in the air.

Everything has a season, of course: schools, music and theater, fashion, food, sports, gardens, life, love, etc. The season I find myself in currently is one of preparing for harvest…And I could use your help.


You see, I’ve got a whole crop of new songs that need to be shared so they don’t end up a moldy, musty old pile of fading sheet music synapses (or is it synaps, synapsis?) in the recesses of my brain.


Many of you have been asking (for a long time, I might add…) when I was going to record a new CD….well, the time is now and here’s your chance to get in on the action!


This is my personal invitation to all of you, with this caveat: if you’ve ever enjoyed my songs, my shows or just said to yourself upon meeting me for the first time, “Hey, I think Kit is a pretty cool, rockin’ chick and I love to support original, quality music and the person(s) who create it”, you can now PRE-Order the new (as of yet, untitled) CD.


We're shooting for a November, 2009 release but it all depends on how much moola/cash/coin we can raise for the project right now.


Kit at The Bugle Boy June 2009See this picture? It's me really workin', can't you just feeeeel the love? Don'tcha just wanna go to the website right now and order your copy of the new CD?


It's SOOOOOOO easy to do! Just go HERE. For as little as $25, you can be a part of history. Yes, I said it. History!!


You can sponsor by pre-purchasing the CD, hosting a house concert/fundraiser or even just donating to getting the CD recorded, produced and released. And even better, you’ll get all kinds of cool stuff for helping out (including that warm, fuzzy, good-all-over feeling – what could be better?). Your financial contribution can also be a great gift! (Holidays…hint, hint….)

Please go HERE or go to the “Go Shopping” page at You’ll be glad you did. THANK YOU!!!

New CD Pre-Orders Being taken NOW! - August 13, 2009

The moment you've all been waiting for: (okay, really, we know you're not always thinking about Kit Holmes' music, but it's not a bad idea!) Kit will be heading to the studio this fall to record a new CD (yet to be named) with esteemed producer Stephen Doster.

YOU CAN help this project come to fruition by PRE-Ordering your copies NOW!! Please visit the "Go SHOPPING" page at to see all the options you have to support Kit at various financial levels. You'll get not only some amazing new music but lots of cool thank-you gifts, too!

It will take $10,000 - $15,000 to produce this CD - From studio time, musicians and audio engineers to  artwork, printing, replicating, photography, promotion and all takes time, talent and yes, money.

The estimated release of the new CD is November 2009 and we know that the perfect, right support is here now. Thank you in advance!

Please visit the "Go Shopping" page at You can support at various levels (from $25 to $1000) or simply donate any amount you want. All funds are securely received through PayPal.  

Why not gather your family, friends, social group, business, or organization and pool resources? It's a great way to share something in common: enjoying Kit's music! And in return, your group will receive some lovely promotion and gifts!

Better yet, gather everyone you know and support at the $1000 level and get a house concert, FREE!

Visit the "go Shopping" page at for all the info.

Thanks, thanks and THANK YOU!!!

August 2009 Newsletter - August 2, 2009

Hi everyone!


Wow! August already! So much to share! This is kind of like a Sunday paper version of the newsletter - lots and lots of fun, colorful and shiny features.


First and foremost, please check out the changes on the website at  New look, new photos, links to video (Yes! I’m on YouTube!) and a whole bunch of new show dates on the calendar. One of them is bound to be near you! (hint, hint…)


Yep, your piano girl is gettin’ all swanky on ya and has finally landed the assistance of an amazing (cute, too!) assistant. Please welcome Cindy to the Kit Holmes Music team! (stop by and say howdy: Cindy is handling the booking and promotion end of things and basically keeping me organized so I can (gasp!) spend more of my time actually writing and recording music!


New CD? No Way?!!!  Yes, Waaaaayyyyy…!


Speaking of, I’ll be heading into the studio this fall (just a few short weeks away!) with esteemed producer and all-around fantastic musician/songwriter/guitarist/good guy/Austin legend Stephen Doster. And guess what? You get to be a part of making it all happen!


We’re taking pre-orders for the CD as well as offering fun and exciting investment opportunities (do I hear “including one-of-a-kind swag”?) to finance and produce the new disc. Please visit the “Go Shopping” page at for more info on how you can get in on this foolproof (I’m totally serious!) investment in a fine new CD (estimated release in November 2009)!!!


In the Meantime,


Come On Up and See Me Sometime…(Gigs, today, tomorrow...soon...)



Thursday, August 13th, 2009
Music at the Market - 6 pm
Sound gig - Dustin Welch. Austin TX

501 S. Lamar - Whole Foods Lamar store
Austin, TX

Dustin Welch is the musical artist for this evening. I'll turn and tweak knobs and drive the sound board like a pro...



Friday, August 14th, 2009
7 p.m.
Coffehouse Concert - San Antonio, TX

8103 Broadway
San Antonio, TX

Price: $ Suggested Love $10


Spend this Friday evening with me doing a whole bunch of original songs and a few favorite covers. Expect guest appearances from fellow Light Travelers Dana and Kevin, maybe Chris? (always fun to play with them!). And, as usual, bring cookies! (Coffee provided)...

Sunday, August 16th, 2009
9:15  and 11 am
Guest Soloist - New Braunfels, TX
408 Greune Rd
New Braunfels, TX

Price: $ Love

I'm the guest soloist at both services today with guest speaker Victoria Moran


Saturday, August 22nd, 2009
7 pm
Private Party - Austin, TX



Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
Sunday Service - 11 am
Guest Soloist - Austin, TX

4804 Grover Ave
Austin, TX

Price: $ Love

I'm the guest soloist with guest speaker (the newly) Rev. Merry Shaver. Fun will be had...get on the path y'all...

Friday, September 11th, 2009
First Friday w/ George Ensle - 8 pm
Artz Rib House - Austin, TX

2330 S. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704

I'm playing the "break set" during the George Ensle show. Lip-smackin' good ribs and sides, cold beer, iced tea. Texas-style, y'all. Good music, food and fun. Yuuuummmyy. No Cover, but tips and love are always welcome!

Check out the Calendar page at for future dates...!


Or, Let’s Use Your House and Put On a Show…


I'm always available (solo or with band), as are The Light Travelers ( for house concerts, private parties, special events, any event!! Have instruments, will travel. Please email Cindy for booking info at



Yes, I'm Still a Sound Geek...


As many of you may know, I’m the house sound engineer for the Austin Music Foundation ( and the Whole Foods Music at the Market Series. I like helping great musical talent tickle your ears.


Big news! The newest edition to the KHM tech department is a hefty EV sound system (including a 32 channel Mackie mixing board!). Indoors or out, the big rig is here! Road-tested for the first time on the 4th of July with The Invincible Czars ( and their rockin’ version of Tchaikovsky’s “1812 Overture” - this system kicks!! Contact us for details if you’re looking for the best live sound you’ve ever had. Promise.



 I could go on, but alas, time to get this newsletter to press. Thank you all for your amazing and constant support. I look forward to seeing you at a show (even if it's not mine...) soon! Live music is art in action. Participate and enjoy!



Providing low/no cost health insurance and services for working musicians

SIMS Foundation:

Providing low/no cost mental health and addiction recovery services for musicians


 Austin Music Foundation:

Providing education programs and mentoring support in all facets of the music business - free of charge - for anyone in music business



Friend and fellow Light Traveler Chris Pfeiffer ( is the opening act for songwriter extraordinaire Peter Mayer ( on Saturday, September 12 at the First Unitarian Universalist Church in San Antonio. Tickets and info: 210-344-4695


New Thought performing songwriters Lisa Ferraro and Ericka Luckett bring their "Ruby - Songs Inspired by Rumi" show (from their newest CD of the same name) to The Bugle Boy in La Grange, Texas on Sunday, September 13 at 3 p.m. Tickets and info:


And please mark your calendars for the "Battle For Lyrical Supremacy - Round II" show with Kit Holmes and Jean Synodinos. Saturday, January 30, 2010 at The Bugle Boy. The first show in July was a knockout!! Don't miss this grudge match!!!



Please consider supporting these VERY musician-friendly organizations. They do wonders and awesome amounts fo good for many, for low or no fees.


Health Alliance for Austin Musicians

Bugle Boy Video - July 14, 2009

Bugle Boy Video

WOW !!! Check out this video of Kit Holmes and Jean Synodinos at the Bugle Boy in La Grange, TX June 22, 2009.
Kit and Jean performed a crowd pleasing show that was funny, inspiring, magical, and completely unscripted and unrehearsed.
Billed as "the battle for lyrical supremacy" Kit and Jean exchanged performances of their orginal songs building on the theme from each. The audience was on their feet! Kit and Jean will be back at the Bugle Boy on January 30th, 2010. The battle won't want to miss it!

Online CD Review! My first! - January 6, 2009

The January issue of Sound Connections was just released and your's truly got her big 'ol CD, "It's a New Day" reviewed!
Thanks to Sue Riley for her very kind and supportive words!

You can check the whole thing out by going to the Press/Reviews page of this site.


Happy 2009 - December 30, 2008

I'm excited for all the good coming in the New Year!

I gotta say, 2008 has been a pretty interesting ride in my life, here in Austin, in the good 'ol US of A and all over the planet. (You don't need me to re-hash the details, you're all right in the thick of it, too!)

Being forced out of our "comfort zones" wakes us up and shakes us up but ultimately moves us into being more of who we were put on this planet to be.

We really are all connected, gang, and everything we do affects everyone else...(before that one-on-one business meeting, consider a strong mint after coffee...know what I mean?)

Seriously...since I choose to focus on the positive aspects of our connected-ness it is my intention for 2009 to live even more mindfully about how I show up in the world.

I wish you all a year of thinking bigger, of trusting your creativity (yes, I truly believe EVERYONE is creative), finding more ways to be good to each other and being grateful for this good, good life.

Happy New Year!

Where's Your Focus? - November 17, 2008

Happy November all!

It's been an exciting one so far, eh? I'm a firm believer in the "you
get what you give your attention to..." (in fact, I think that's a
line in one of my songs -- wow, what a co-inky-dink!). In other words,
the more you fear, the more you b*tch, the more you gossip, complain,
live from a mindset of lack, etc. the more of it you get in your life.
Cool part is that it also works for love, prosperity, health,
happiness, fulfilling work and the like.

Several weeks ago I gave my attention to reading an article about
this cool musician who's internationally known as one of the most
prolific bass players in the music industry. He's recorded with Marvin
Gaye, Quincy Jones, James Brown, Santana, Cher, Diana Ross, Herbie
Hancock, Pattie Labelle, The Pointer Sisters, and on and on and on.
He lives in Las Vegas and recently became the Music Director at the
Center for Spiritual Living there.

I had already scheduled my trip to Vegas to do a benefit with a good
friend of mine and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if I could schedule a
gig at the Center as well?" I made a couple of phone calls and sent a
few emails. The Universe cranked into motion and within a few days I
was given the news that while the Center was already booked during the
time of my trip that cool musician I'd read about was going to be the
co-headliner with yours truly (that would be me) for the benefit!
Pretty freekin' amazing!

Well, that cool musician and awesome human being is Eddie Watkins,
Jr., ( I must say I was more than honored to
be on the stage with him. The benefit on November 2nd was a smash --
and a blast! Props to Richel Kompst ( for making it
all happen and the good folks of Las Vegas for supporting it!

Now, pulling my head out of the clouds has been a challenge since,
but the life and work of a working musician must go on...

So, I went to a songwriter's open mic contest called South Austin
Idle last week and thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if I won?" And, yeah,
baby, I did! So now I've got a paid gig this coming Saturday, November
22 (see below). Don't ya just love how I segue in such a seemingly
effortless way.....Yes, I astound myself sometimes...

November is the month for Gratitude (what with Thanksgiving and all)
and I'm doing my part every day to remember to say, "Life rocks!" I'm
very aware of what's happening with the economy, the environment, and
the fear and ignorance that continue to prompt a lot of people in the
world to do really hateful things to each other. But I choose to give
my attention and gratitude to all the good in the world. And you know
what? There's still a whole lot of it and a lot more on the way.

I am grateful for all of you -- You who buy my CDs and MP3s, you who
hire me to play gigs all over the country and welcome me to stay in
your homes. Thank you to all of you who stay in touch, send
encouraging emails and call me up every now and then to go have lunch
or a beer or a walk on the greenbelt. And thanks to all of you who
continue to tell other people about my music!

Autumn '08 - September 23, 2008

Welcome to Autumn! Oh, wait, it's still hot outside. Oh, that's
right, I live in Texas...

Okay, so I haven't upgraded to the fancy schmancy email (HTML format)
I promised you...yet...

But, good 'ol plain text can still get the job done and that, my
friends, is all ya need to get informed on a couple o' upcoming gigs.

Simple is good.

I try remind myself of this as I wrestle my new Windows Vista-based
computer (feel free to share your "thoughts" on this "great"
system...) into cooperating with my old (worked perfectly well with
the old computer, before it made its passing, thank you, very much)
music recording system...

Simply put, I'd love to see you at the shows...may I tempt you with
new songs?

Hey! You can hear me on digital radio now at: cool!!!

As always: more shows to come, more news to share.....

Be well. Take a moment today to say "I love you" to someone who
hasn't heard it from you in awhile....I promise it will be an awesome
moment for both of you.

I'll be off to Las Vegas again in just a few weeks - I'll fill you in
on the super-cool awesome gigs happening time around...


'Kenzers. Snorking. Missed.

Whoa, Kit! Where ya been? - July 23, 2008

Hard to believe I haven't journaled in more than a year!

I promise that is about to change. Stay TUNED!

Spring Storms - May 16, 2008

Hi all!

Hope today finds you well with great, relaxing weekend in store.

We had some pretty exciting weather adventures here in Central Texas
this week with amazing, powerful and destructive thunderstorms and
funnel clouds.

At around 12:30 a.m. Thursday morning, the intense wind woke me and I
was greeted with a lightning show with colors (like fluorescent green
and purple) like I've never seen in a thunderstorm before. I was kinda
thinkin', "you know this probably isn't a good thing..."

While the part of town I live in was gratefully spared any damage
other places around Austin didn't fare so well. Thankfully no one was
harmed, but lots of windows and trees (and a few cars) lost their
valiant efforts to survive.

I hope the weather wherever you may be is of the gentle, peaceful
Spring variety.

This Sunday morning, I will be giving my first official "talk"
(entitled "Traffic Report") along with playing several of my songs -
at Celebration Circle in San Antonio (see the details below). This is
not a sermon (yikes!) by any means, but more of a companion piece to
the stuff I sing about. I'll share with you later how this all came to
be. Uncanny, some might say, but if you know me, you know I expect
everyday miracles and therefore, quite often get them...

The Light Travelers continue to chart new territory and this past
weekend recorded its first demo (four songs - my newest song "Return
to Love" is one of 'em!) CD. I'll be hanging out with my good buddy
Eric Calistri (who engineered the recordings) this afternoon to work
on edits and mixing. I'll keep you posted on when the final result
will be ready for your listening pleasure. In the meantime, we invite
you to take a peek at the still-under-construction MySpace page
( and take a look-see at our happy
faces, listen to some tunes, sign up as our friend, etc.

We have a winner...! - June 24, 2007

It's official! "It's A New Day", my motown-inspired gospel/feel-good song took 3rd place in the Inspirational Category of the 2007 Austin Songwriter's Group Song Contest!

This song has had a pretty exciting life of its own since I wrote it and released it in January....

What's really cool is that one of my new songs, "Baseball, Fishin', Boats and Beer" also nabbed a finalist award in the General Category.

All the contest finalists and winners were announced Sunday, June 24, 2007 at the ASG monthly meeting at Threadgill's.

Thanks to all the judges!

Grammy Member....sizzzzzzle.... - June 19, 2007

Got my "street cred" today with the arrival of my official membership card to The Recording Academy. (NARAS - National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) ....that would be the folks who bring you the Grammy Awards.

Okay, it's got some ego-tickling value, I admit ('cause you gotta have production/performance/writing credits on a certain number of commercially released projects in order to be a voting member) but it's really another step up for me in my business of music...

...yeah. It rocks...
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